A downed power line could still be energized! To avoid serious injury or even death, stay clear of all downed power lines. Keep others, including your pets, away from the line and do not try to touch, move or repair a downed power line. If you encounter a downed power line, call The Energy Cooperative at 1-888-535-5732.
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DuskUtilitywkrWhile the weather may be severe at times, Mother Nature is not always responsible for power outages. For example:

  • Some outages occur when an automobile or other accident occurs causing a power pole or power line to be knocked down.
  • Outages do occur from time to time for routine maintenance or upgrades.
  • Some outages occur when the demand for electricity exceeds the ability to supply it. High demand can result in rolling brownouts and blackouts. While Dixie Electric hasn’t had this type of outage in the past, the employees of Dixie Electric participate in annual drill in coordination with South Mississippi Electric (SME). SME is Dixie Electric’s wholesale electric energy provider.
  • Acts of vandalism can also damage equipment resulting in outages.
Keep in mind, these types of outages are only temporary. In most instances, they provide us the chance to improve our delivery of safe and reliable electric power to your home.